Data analysis and modelling

Demand forecasting

Inventory planning system

AI strategy and consulting

Tailor-made AI solutions

Data Analysis and Modelling.

Many different types of data are generated in every manufacturing company, but only a few companies hire data analysts to effectively use that data to support business and operational decisions
We will assess your data: the quality, diversity, speed of updates, and potential value for the business. Then we will provide recommendations on whether and how you can use your data for better business results with the help of AI technology.

What are the benefits for business?

DIPtech forecasting system allows you to:

  • combine internal and external data (marketing campaigns, competitors’ actions, weather forecasts, etc.);
  • see all the data you need to make a planning decision in one place;
  • find out product availability issues and decide on production plan priorities;
  • simulate various inventory replenishment scenarios and thus choose the best one;
  • see a longer planning perspective and have fewer changes in production compared to the plan.

Inventory planning system

DIPtech system integrates the processes of Demand planning, Inventory planning, Production planning, and Raw material planning.

AI strategy and consulting 

AI-driven technologies can make a big difference to your business. We prepare AI strategies and assist companies in their journey towards AI, as well as consult on AI projects and implementation.

Tailor-made AI solutions

AI technology can be adopted in areas of quality control, image recognition, work safety, work efficiency, equipment maintenance, fraud prevention, etc. Together with our partners, we will offer integrated solutions.

DIPtech team

  • Dalius Mašalas, CEO, is an Artificial Intelligence specialist with 25 years of experience in IT industry. He has held managerial positions for 20 years and has delivered IT projects in 12 countries around the world. He advises companies on AI strategy and implementation projects.
  • Artur Nakliuda, Data Scientist, gained most of his experience working in the financial sector. He works with artificial intelligence technologies, statistical data analysis and data engineering. Artur is currently studying for a PhD in mathematics
  • Lukas Alijošius, Business development consultant,  has over 8 years of experience in product and sales process development in the financial sector, for the most part. He has worked at one of the largest Baltic commercial banks, developed business operations of the largest European loan investment marketplace around the world from Mexico to Indonesia, founded and bootstraped his own e-commerce business and is a General Manager and Chairman of a sports team.
  • Orijana Mašalė, Partnerships Manager, has 10 years of experience in advising industrial companies. She has worked for Fortune 500 and Scandinavian insurance companies, has developed her own business and has been an advisor to the Minister of Economy. Orijana is an independent board member and chairperson, and has advised about 100 different organisations.

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